Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance Rates

Did you know your occupation has a major effect on the car insurance rates you pay? It does, and it’s not what you might think. There are so many ways you can lower the cost of your car insurance premium, and you might not even realize that calling your insurance company to let them know what you do for a living might make a difference. Whether they simply don’t know what you do for a living, or you recently graduated college and entered the workforce, your career choice might play a big role in the amount of money you pay for your car insurance premiums each year. If you want to know if your premiums might go down, perhaps you should look into your career. Here are just a few good examples of careers that might allow you to ask for a car insurance Youi

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These are highly educated, trained, and responsible people, and they are rewarded for their intelligence with lower car insurance policies. Most car insurance companies deem engineers more responsible behind the wheel of a vehicle, and they see them as less of a threat when it comes to irresponsible driving. Ask for a lower rate if you are an engineer.


It’s not a big secret that teachers are grossly underpaid in many parts of the world, and that means you’re always looking for a way to lower your monthly expenses. If you are a teacher, you might qualify for lower car insurance rates based solely on your occupation. Call your insurance agent to ask about a discount for being a teacher. You’re considered more responsible and less likely to cause accidents because of careless driving based on your occupation.


Since airline pilots spend most of their time in the air, they spend very little time on the road. This makes them less risky drivers in the eyes of car insurance companies. If you live close to the airport from which you fly in and out of the most, you can lower your car insurance rates even more. Call and ask if you can lower your rates based on your occupation of choice.

You might be surprised which drivers are considered more dangerous or risky because of their occupations. One might think a police officer, for example, is a safer driver because they work to uphold the law, but they tend to pay higher car insurance rates. They’re on the road more often, and that makes them riskier. The same goes for anyone who drives for a living or might work a job that keeps them exhausted. Doctors, for example, work long hours and are often tired when they drive home from a long shift. Thus they are considered riskier and more expensive for insurance companies to insure.

Call your insurance company to find out whether you qualify for a lower premium because of your choice of work. It might work for you, but it might also make your premium more expensive if you do something your insurance company was unaware of that makes you a riskier driver.

Facts About Car Insurance

Facts About Car Insurance

Buying car insurance is an expensive purchase, which is why you must know what you’re purchasing. Many assume finding the cheapest car insurance policy is the best way to afford car insurance. Others are told to buy as much as they can afford, but the truth is somewhere in the middle. You should purchase Youi car insurance no matter what you drive. It protects you and your personal finances when the worst happens, but it’s also something that can cost you more than you want to pay if you don’t get to know what you really need.

Purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage

You just never know who you share the road with, but you can provide yourself with peace of mind knowing your car insurance policy will protect you in case anything happens. You cannot rely on others to protect you, because many people choose to drive without car insurance. When this occurs, your policy will cover you for their mistakes. If someone else fails to pay for their own insurance, you are left in a bind if they hit you and cause injuries to you and damage to your vehicle. Now is the time to get out and purchase uninsured motorist coverage.

Discounts Count

If you have a car insurance policy, don’t assume your insurance provider is giving you all the discounts. They add up to make a great policy a lot more affordable, but only if you know what they are and if they’re being applied to your policy. Check with your car insurance company to see that you’re getting all the discounts for driving a safe vehicle, for driving something with ample safety features, and for your personal situation such as your address, age, and marital status.

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Buy Vehicles Carefully

No one wants to experience someone else telling them what to purchase when car shopping, but it does affect your car insurance rates. If you aren’t sure what to buy, make sure the car you’re interested in is not found on the list of most stolen vehicles. If it is, you will pay much higher car insurance rates to drive that vehicle. To find out, you can perform a quick internet search to find out what cars are on the list. You might be surprised which vehicles thieves target the most, because they’re not what you might expect.

The best way to ensure you are getting the best rates for your insurance policy is to call your insurance company prior to purchasing any vehicles. You can see what your rate changes to before you sign any paperwork. This often tells you whether you are engaging in a good buy or a more expensive purchase. By knowing what you need, what you must pay for, and what’s not so important, you learn how to save money every month on the cost of your insurance premium. Just remember it’s always more affordable to pay for insurance than it is to avoid paying for insurance.

Car Insurance NZ

Car Insurance NZ

In New Zealand, you are not mandated by law to have car insurance. However, you should really consider getting insurance to help protect you against major financial loss in the event an accident is deemed your fault. Car insurance in NZ can be fairly cheap and is a worthy investment for your future.

How Much Is Car Insurance In NZ?

The cost of your in NZ will depend on a few different factors. These include the level of coverage, your excess, any add-on coverages, type of vehicle, your driving history, your credit score, your payment schedule, your personal information, and the insurance company you go through. With so many varying factors it can seem quite unsettling to discover the ideal policy for you.

As a general guideline, the comprehensive coverage runs between $600 NZD and $1000 NZD annually. The third party insurance runs between $300 NZD and $500 NZD annually. Again, these are just rough estimates and will vary depending on the factors listed above.

What Are The Most Common Car Insurance NZ Providers?

There are many different providers you can get car insurance from in the country of New Zealand. The most popular include The AA, State, Tower, and FMG. We recommend checking in with all these insurance companies before agreeing to a specific contract. Different providers will offer different prices as they weight each of the factors listed above differently in their assessment quote.

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Ways To Reduce Car Insurance NZ Premium Payment Amounts

The premium, or payment, you make for your car insurance NZ can be drastically reduced with a few implemented tactics. Let’s take a look at what you can do to decrease your car insurance NZ rate below.

Pay Annually – One of the simplest ways to reduce your car insurance cost is to pay the premium annually. Most insurers will pay monthly premiums, which cost more in the long run. This is because car insurance NZ providers charge small administration fees to process your monthly bill. By prepaying annually you can take advantage of fewer fees and typically providers will offer a discount for the prepayment.

Keep A Clean Record – By keeping a clean driving record you can continually reduce your car insurance NZ rate. If you have not had a rate reduction in the past few years and have kept a clean driving record, it’s time to call your insurance company. Most will automatically decrease your payment amount as the years pass, others may not reduce your rate unless you call them to request a deduction.

Opt For E-Statements – Many insurance providers are now tacking on an administration fee to send you a paper copy of your statement. To avoid this added surcharge you should opt for e-statements. This is one simple switch that can save you money throughout the year.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about car insurance in NZ and are now prepared to go search for the best policy to fit your needs.